Quiz 481- Basic General Knoweldge for All Examinations

1.The disorder “Pityriasis simplex capillitii ” is most commonly known as which among the following?
(A)Tulip fingers

2.What is the term used for the Chromosomes, other than the sex chromosomes?

3.A particular cell organelle is sometimes referred certain enzymes that can break down the cell components or even the whole cell. which one of the following is such an organelle ?

4.Accession Tax is levied on which among the following?
(A)New Property
(B)Gifts and bequests received by heirs.
(C)Rented Property
(D)Purchased Lands

5.The Ad Valorem Tax is applied on which among the following?
(A)The price of commodity
(B)The value added
(C)The advertisement expenditure
(D)The unit of the commodity

6.Babar died on 26th December 1530 and was laid to rest at Arambagh in Agra. Afterwards, his body was taken to and buried at which among the following places (During the times of Sher Shah)?

7.Which among the following is correct definition of Bacteriophage?
(A)A Bacteria that destroys Virus
(B)A Virus that destroys Bacteria
(C)A Bacteria that destroys another bacteria
(D)A Bacteria that destroys Fungi

8.Which among the following correctly defines the Sex Ratio?
(A)The number of females in the population per 1000 male population
(B)The number of males in the population per 1000 females population
(C)The number of married females in the population per 1000 males population
(D)The number of married males in the population per 1000 female population

9.The term “Operation Aurora” is related to which among the following companies?

10.Which among the following is India’s largest Nuclear Power Station by capacity?
(A)Tarapur Atomic Power Station
(B)Rajasthan Atomic Power Station
(C)Narora Atomic Power Station
(D)Kaiga Atomic Power Station

11.Dr. Nelson Mandela is the ———–foreign national to receive India’s most coveted award, Bharat Ratna?

12.Who among the following first synthesized “gene” in a laboratory ?
(A)Arthur kornberg
(B)Hargobind Khorana
(C)Gregor Mendel
(D)Watson and crick

13.Which among the following is the most optimum place to source Geothermal Energy?
(A)Konkan coast
(B)Ladakh district
(C)Aravali hills
(D)Coromandal Coast

14.Which among the following fulfilled the definition of a “Hermit Kingdom” once upon a time?

15.Hirakud Dam, one of world’s longest earthen dams is located in which among the following states?
(A)Andhra Pradesh
(D)West Bengal

16.B.G. Verghese Committee 1977 is most commonly related to which among the following ?
(A)Anti defection
(B)Prasar Bharti Act
(C)Panchayati Raj
(D)Centre State Relations

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  • Anonymous

    q.12 isnt the answer supposed to be hargobind khorana?

  • unknown

    no dis is right ans, har gobind singh khorana 1stly synthesized yeast tRNA in lab…