Quiz 433: General Knoweldge for All Examinations

1.In which state is located the “Amausi Airport” ?
(B)Tamil Nadu
(C)Andhra Pradesh
(D)Uttar Pradesh

New Names of Some Airports
2.What is the current number of SBI’s associate Banks?

3.In which of the following fields Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Award is given?
(B)Social Service

4.What is the number of indicators in the newly launched Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) ?

5.Who among the following is considered to be the first Finance Minister in British India, who also founded The Economist magazine and the Standard Chartered Bank?
(A)James Wilson
(B)Alexander Hamilton
(C)Henry Baillie
(D)Thomas Wyse

6.On which of the following dates, First-ever Income Tax day celebrations were held in India?
(A)July 24, 2010
(B)July 30, 2010
(C)May 30, 2010
(D)May 15, 2010

7.Which among the following country has supported Iran’s nuclear programme?

8.From which of the following country, India imports maximum amount of Tea?

9.Investment Infrastruure Companies is a category recently created by RBI and they come under?
(A)Banking Companies
(B)Investment Ventures
(C)Non Banking Finance Companies
(D)All of above

10.In which of the following fields, in India, the Perform, Achieve and Trade(PAT) Mechanism is being experimented with regulatory instruments recently?
(A)Infrastructure Development
(B)Industrial Development
(C)Energy Efficiency
(D)Banking & Finance

11.What is the number of Republics in the Commonwealth of Nations?

12.Which among the following is oldest?
(A)Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
(B)Confederation of Indian Industry
(C)Indian Merchants’ Chamber
(D)Indian Banks’ Association

13.Which of the following is the Official language of Nagaland?

14.In which state is located “Jowai” a famous hill station?

15.Where is located “Matrimandir”?

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  • Anonymous

    Dear Sir ,
    kindly change the answer button/tab to the old one… the old answer tab was much better and mobile phone friendly…most of the time i access your site via mobile..but the current answer button is not supported on my nokia E51…. its causing me lot of trouble. kindly do the needful…thanku sir.

  • Anonymous

    Sir there are 13 international airports in India, out of which Kerela has 2, one at Thiruvananthpuram & other at Cochin,which is maximum number as compared 2 any other state……….Kindly check it out & if possible give the list & name of all international airports in India.

  • Anonymous

    sir your explanation of Question 11 is wrong there are not 54 member countries there are 71 members countries . Check it and please provide me the list of countries .
    thankyou sir

  • Admin

    The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of 54 independent sovereign states.

    Check This Link

  • Anonymous

    54 is the accurate figure……it is the number of countries in commonwealth of nations

  • kishan

    Sir for Q. 12
    ficci established in 1927
    cii- 1895 and renamed cii in 1992
    indian merchants chamber-1907
    Indian bank's association-1946
    so the answer should be either cii or indian merchants chamber…..
    please clarify……..

  • sunil

    Kerala has the highest number of International airports in India

    as of today it is 3 and 4 th one is in progress now.