Quiz 432: GK & Current Affairs for All Examinations

1.Recently 41st NSS Foundation Day was celebrated. What is the correct full form of NSS?
(A)National Social Service
(B)National Service Scheme
(C)National Students Society
(D)National Service Students

2.Recently , INHS Asvini, the tertiary care teaching hospital of the Indian Navy moved into the Diamond Jubilee year on September 18. INHS is the oldest and the largest hospital of the armed forces. Where is located INHS Asvini?
(D)New Delhi

3.Who among the following has recently roped in as brand ambassador for Andhra Pradesh tourism ?
(A)Sania Mirza
(B)Saina Nehwal
(C)Sachin Tendulkar
(D)Vishwanathan Anand

4.Which of the following technology giants has recently announced to acquire the McAfee, Inc., computer security company ?
(A)Intel Corporation

5.Where is located , the recently established India-U.S. clean energy research centre?
(A)New Delhi
(C)New York
(D)None of Them

6.ISRO is collaborating with which of the following country’s National Space Center for “Megha-Tropiques Mission” to study the water cycle in the tropical atmosphere in the context of climate change?

7.Which of the following National Park is called “Topslip”?
(A)Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park
(B)Mudumalai National Park
(C)Mukurthi National Park
(D)Palani Hills National Park

8.The word “Politburo” is used for the executive committee of communist political parties. This term has originate from which of the following countries?

9.Which of the following member of Gulf Cooperation Council has recently decided to scrap the sponsorship system for the recruitment of foreign labour, which is heavily loaded in favor of employers?
(B)Saudi Arabia
(D)United Arab Emirates (UAE)

10.Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission of which of the following country was recently elected Chairman of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)?

11.Which among the following was the only session in which Mahatma Gandhi elected as Congress President?

12.Which among the following is the venue of Eighth Asia- Europe Summit ?

13.What was the average wage paid to MGNREGA labors in 2008-09?
(A)Rs. 79
(B)Rs. 84
(C)Rs. 95
(D)Rs. 97

14.Which among the following country is the largest trading partner of India in Africa?
(A)South Africa

15.Margosa oil is obtained from which of the following trees?

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