Quiz 372: General Awareness for State PCS Exams

Which state is India’s first integrated horticulture district?
Barak valley is an important part of which of the following states of India?
Twang is an area in Arunanchal Pradesh in India, recently in news papers. It is world famous for which of the following?
An estimate of a sum required to meet the expenditure that it incurs during the first three to four months of an election financial year until a new government is in place, to keep the machinery running is also known as ______?
As we know that Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) is the amount of funds that the banks have to keep with the Reserve Bank of India. Consider the following consequences , if Reserve Bank of India decides to increase the CRR substantially in its monetary policy: 
  1. The banks will have to keep more money with RBI and this dries up the liquidity. 
  2. The Banks will have to increase the Interest rates on their Home Loan products 
  3. The banks will be able to earn more money due to increased interest rates. 
Which among the above statements hold true?
Many a times we read in the newspapers that government has hiked cess or duty on certain “demerit good”. Which among the following is an example of demerit good?
Which among the following has two regulators in India at present?
Secretariat of SAARC Development Fund is located at:
Which among the following is not an important payment and settlement systems in India?
Which among the following body runs the International Radon Project ?


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      SAARC secretariat and secretariat of SAARC Development Fund are two things my friend :)
      Don’t get confused

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