Quiz 467 : Current Affairs For All Examinations

1.Which among the following stock exchanges has launched the India’s first Shariah-compliant Index?
(A)Bombay Stock Exchange
(B)National Stock Exchange
(C)Delhi Stock Exchange
(D)Ahamadabad Stock Exchange

2.What is the GFAJ-1 a recently discovered and controversial micro-organism?
(A)A Bacteria
(B)A Virus
(C)An Algae
(D)A Fungus

3.The 2018 & 2022 FIFA World Cup hosts were recently declared after a bidding process. The Hosts are as follows:
(A)Belgium and Netherlands
(B)Russia and Qatar
(C)Russia and Netherlands
(D)Qatar and Belgium

4.Which among the following company has recently introduced the “LEAF” (Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car) , which is the first mass-produced electric car for sale from a major manufacturer in world?

5.Recently “El Tor” was appearing frequently in the news as a strain of a disease causing bacterium. This strain has caused outbreak of which of the following diseases recently in Haiti?
(C)Swine Flu

6.Which among the following correctly defines Global 200?
(A)An annual list of top ranking 200 companies released by Forbes Magazine
(B)List of 200 World Heritage Sites released by UNESCO
(C)List of 200 Cities which are of strategic importance
(D)List of 200 Ecoregions identified by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as priorities for conservation

7.Recently a place named “Ambassa” was in news as the Geological Survey of India has found huge reserves of coal at this place located in one of the North East States. Which state?

8.Which of the following company has bagged the ‘Golden Peacock Environment Management’ award for the year 2010, the prestigious award founded by World Environment Foundation?
(B)Colgate Palmolive

9.Which of the following country is the winner of 2010 Davis Cup?
(D)Czech Republic

10.After the recent controversial election, which among the following country has been expelled from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) ?
(C)Côte d’Ivoire

11.What is the name of the first spacecraft ever placed in orbit (December 2010) and recovered by a private company?
(A)SpaceX Dragon

12.Which among the following is the correct motive of the Government decision (December 2010) to infuse a capital of Rs. 6000 Crore in 10 Public Sector Banks?
(A)To ensure that capital adequacy ratio of all the public sector banks increase to 7 per cent.
(B)To ensure that the Banks are able to sustain in the Financial Slow down
(C)To raise Government holding to a minimum 58 per cent in all state-run banks .
(D)All of above

13.What is the name of the first Indian Woman to win the Miss Earth Contest?
(A)Nicole Faria
(B)Shriya Kishore
(C)Tanvi Vyas
(D)Pooja Chitgopekar

14.Which state of India is associated with the Folk Dance Teratali?

15.Which among the following is the premier Submarine Training Establishment of the Indian Navy?
(A)INS Amba
(B)INS Saatvahana
(C)INS Sindhuvir
(D)INS Chakra

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  • Vishal

    q no 13. diya mirza also won misss asia pecific which is now known as miss earth

  • vijay verma

    i think nicole faria is not the first one to win this title for india, this feat has been acheived by someone else before.

  • jsscold

    adm is right Nicole Faria is the correct ans

  • yashwant kumar

    Nicole Faria is the correct answer.

    what a wondeful sites for current affairs.