Quiz 468: General Knoweldge For Public Service Examinations

1.A new drug Arteether was developed by the Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow recently for which of the following diseases?
(D)Swine Flu

2.SAICM Initiative is related to which of the following industries?
(A)Chemical Industry
(B)Aviation Industry
(C)Agriculture Industry
(D)Food Processing Industry

3.”Sanajeh” is the name of a new animal belonging to late cretaceous period whose fossil was found in western India in 2010. This Sanajeh was a / an ________?

4.As per a recent discovery, “Rahiolisaurus” was a dinosaur that loved in India around 65-70 million years ago. In which of the following states, its fossil was recovered?
(B)Madhya Pradesh
(D)Tamil Nadu

5.Which among the following is sometimes known as “Third Pole“?
(A)Hudson Highlands
(B)Rocky Mountains
(C)Severny Island ice cap
(D)Siachen Glacier

6.Indira Col makes the 3-point boundary between which of the following countries?
(A)Indian, Nepal, China
(B)India, Pakistan, China
(C)India, Myanmar, China
(D)India, Bhutan, China

7.”Satya Shodhak Samaj” was founded by whom among the following ?
(A)Raja Rammohan Roy
(B)Sant Tukaram
(C)Mahatma Jyotiba Phule
(D)None of them

8.What was the target of the “Billion Tree Campaign” of the United Nations Environment Programme, which was achieved in later half of 2010?
(A)5 Billion Trees
(B)6 Billion Trees
(C)7 Billion Trees
(D)10 Billion Trees

9.In which country is located the Volta River project ?
(D)South Africa

10.The Golden age of the “Gupta Literary Renaissance” is said to be the reign of whom among the following?
(A)Chandragupta I
(B)Chandragupta II

11.Which among the following correctly represents Net National Product? ( NFIA stands for Net Factor Income Abroad)
(A)NNP=GDP – depreciation
(C)NNP= GDP + Depreciation

12.In which of the following five year plans in India, the actual expenditure on the Rural Development was almost double than the plan outlay?
(A)5th Five year Plan
(B)6th Give Year Plan
(C)7th Five Year Plan
(D)8th Five year Plan

13.National Social Assistance programme was initially rolled out in which of the following five year plans?
(A)Fifth Five Year Plan
(B)Sixth Five Year Plan
(C)Seventh Five Year Plan
(D)Eighth Five Year Plan

14.Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 started from which of the following countries?

15.Bubo bubo is the scientific name of which of the following species?

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