Quiz 199: Indian Economy for Civil Services & Other Examinations

1. Who among the following acts as agent of Government of India in respect of her membership of IMF ?
[A] Ministry of Finance Government of Indi

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2. A panel was set up by RBI in 2006 under SC Gupta. The panel gave its recommendation on _______?
[A] Regulation of Finance markets
[B] Regulation of Capital markets
[C] Regulation of Money lenders
[D] Regulation of Banks

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3. In which of the following are parked all receipts and payments which are in the nature of deposit account with the government such as provident fund, small savings etc. ?
[A] Consolidated fund of India
[B] Contingency Fund
[C] Public Account
[D] None of the above

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4. Apart from Revenue deficit and budget deficit , the Indian government started using one more concept of deficit known as primary deficit from which of the following budgets?
[A] 1992-93
[B] 1993-94
[C] 1994-95
[D] 1995-96

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5. The financial bill is introduced normally _______?
[A] every year
[B] every five years
[C] every three years
[D] every ten years

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6. Which among the following sentence is correct ?
[A] personal income tax is levied on individuals and proceeds are used by central government
[B] personal income tax is levied on individuals and proceeds are shared between states and central government
[C] personal income tax has to be levied from all individuals
[D] none of the above

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7. What was the highest rate of income tax in India (Before 1975) ?
[A] 80.5 %
[B] 92.75%
[C] 97.25%
[D] 85%

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8. In which year government of India imposed Minimum alternate tax on the companies that escaped the corporate tax by using provisions of exemptions, deduction depreciation etc.
[A] 1992-93
[B] 1996-97
[C] 1997-98
[D] 1998-99

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9. In which year SMERA (small & medium enterprises rating agency ) was established?
[A] 2000
[B] 2002
[C] 2004
[D] 2005

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10. Which among the following all India Development Finance Institution was established first ?

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