PM-Kisan Mobile App with Face Authentication Feature

In a significant development, the government has launched a new face authentication feature in the PM-Kisan app, making it the first central welfare scheme to adopt such technology. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar unveiled the feature, aimed at simplifying the e-KYC process for beneficiary farmers.  

Simplifying E-KYC with Face Authentication 

The newly introduced face authentication feature in the PM-Kisan app allows beneficiary farmers to complete their e-KYC process by simply scanning their faces on their mobile phones. This user-friendly method eliminates the need for one-time passwords or fingerprints, making the process more accessible and efficient. 

Successful E-KYC Completion 

Since its implementation in May 2021, the face authentication feature has facilitated the e-KYC process for 3 lakh farmers. This milestone showcases the positive impact of the technology, which ensures that farmers can easily complete their verification without any hassle. 

Replacing Biometrics and OTPs 

Previously, e-KYC for PM-Kisan beneficiaries relied on biometrics or one-time passwords (OTPs) sent to mobile phone numbers linked with Aadhaar. However, officials encountered challenges during the process, such as farmers’ mobile numbers not being linked to Aadhaar or issues with biometric matching. The face authentication feature addresses these concerns and provides a convenient alternative. 

Enhancing Accessibility with Bhashini 

In addition to the face authentication feature, the PM-Kisan scheme is integrating with Bhashini, the government’s National Public Digital Platform for languages. This integration aims to provide farmers with information in their native language, ensuring wider accessibility and understanding of the scheme’s benefits and updates. 

Financial Assistance to PM-Kisan Beneficiaries 

Under the PM-Kisan scheme, eligible farmers receive financial assistance of Rs 6,000 per year in three equal installments. This support aims to uplift farmers and their families, contributing to their economic well-being and agricultural sustainability. 

Impressive Participation and Outreach 

According to the Agriculture Ministry, more than 11 crore farmers have availed the PM-Kisan scheme, and an amount of Rs 2.42 lakh crore has been successfully transferred to their bank accounts. This highlights the wide-reaching impact of the scheme in supporting farmers across the country. 



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