PM chairs 30th interaction through ‘PRAGATI’ Platform

On 31st July, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held the thirtieth interaction through PRAGATI – the ICT-based, multi-modal platform for Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation.


  • PRAGATI is a multi-purpose and multi-modal platform aimed at addressing grievances of the common man. It also aims at simultaneously monitoring and reviewing important Union government programmes and projects as well as projects flagged by State Governments.
  • It is an innovative project in e-governance. It promotes good governance and accountability with real-time presence and information exchange among the key stakeholders.
  • The initiative uniquely bundles three latest technologies including Digital data management, geo-spatial technology and video-conferencing.
  • Pragati integrates the three-tier system by bringing PMO, Union Government Secretaries, and Chief Secretaries of the States at one stage. Thus, offers a unique combination in the direction of cooperative federalism.
  • A built-in feature under PRAGATI is such that the outcomes of the review meeting will remain in the system for further follow-up and review until the finality of the matter.
  • PRAGATI provides for an end to end integration using Information and communication technology for effective cooperation in addressing the various governance issues.

Infringes Federal Structure?

  • The direct interaction of the PM with the state secretaries without involving the political executives of the states is seen as an attempt to undermine the State political executive.
  • The initiative is also criticized for the concentration of power in the extra-constitutional office of PMO, undermining ministries and state governments.

PRAGATI provided for a novel approach in Indian federalism. It provides for effective cooperation between the centre and states for addressing the concerns and to review the various projects. PRAGATI has made a beginning and it can be remodelled to enhance the cooperative federalism by involving state political executive. This will also aid in augmenting centre-state relations.


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