Lecanorchis taiwaniana discovered in Assam

In Assam, a type of orchid – Lecanorchis taiwaniana (parasitic bloom) – has coincidentally discovered by Assam’s forest officer named Jatindra Sarma. The parasitic bloom is a variant of a Japanese orchid. It is found to have a maximum height of 40 cm and a blossoming period of five-six days. It is a Myco-heterotroph and is one of two types of parasitic plants that have abandoned photosynthesis. The discovery titled “New record for the flora in India” is recently published in Japanese Journal of Botany. Hence, the discovery has given India one of its smallest orchids in terms of size and duration of bloom to be recorded botanically. Earlier, the orchid was discovered in Japan, Taiwan, and Laos. Mr. Sarma has a few other botanical discoveries to his credit. These include the rare, ginger-like Amomum pratisthana named after his daughter, and the Smilax sailenii named after Prof. Sailen Borah, one of Assam’s best known botanists. He has also published the two-volume Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms of India with special reference to Assam.

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