Celebrities in Indian Politics

Charisma or Personality of a leader has been a defining factor in Indian Politics. Today, political parties, whether national or regional, involve celebrities from all walks of life including painters, singers, film actors, theatre personalities, academicians and so on. Film Personalities as Politicians: Key Facts Film Celebrities have been participating in Indian politics since Nehru

Issue of Bringing Political Parties under RTI

In June 2013, CIC via an order had declared the political parties as public authorities and brought them under the RTI Act. It also asked them to appoint appellate bodies to answer RTI queries.  Under Section 2(h) of the RTI Act, a public authority is defined as any ‘non-governmental organization substantially financed, directly or indirectly,

Whip In India

Whip is an official appointed to maintain discipline among, secure attendance of, and give necessary information to, members of his party. The other functions are as follows: Serve as channel of communication between party and its members Gauge the opinion of the members and communicate it to party leaders. There are three types of whip

Anti-defection Law & 10th Schedule Explained

Anti-Defection Law is contained in the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution, which was introduced by the 52nd Amendment in 1985 during tenure of Rajiv Gandhi. Earlier, 10th schedule was related to association of Sikkim with India. Once, Sikkim became full fledged state, this schedule was repealed via the 36th amendment act. Definition of defection Defection is

On Modi Government

The government has steered a lot of activity and pumped in a lot of energy in the systems. However, it has not come without its own set of uncertainties. Restore Institutional Credibility The government has shown lack of onus and defence of its own policy approaches in recent sessions. This gave an obvious leeway for