One Minute Traffic Light Plan

The Indian city of Shimla will soon have a new traffic system aimed at easing traffic congestion during peak tourist and apple harvest seasons. According to the One Minute Traffic Light Plan proposed by the police, traffic lights will be installed at 10 bottlenecks to make the state capital jam-free. This will also reduce travel time across the city from 60-90 minutes to 15-25 minutes.

Traffic Congestion in Shimla

Shimla is a major tourist attraction, and the city experiences a lot of traffic during the winter tourist season. The Victory Tunnel is a particular bottleneck, with around 50 vehicles entering from all three sides in a minute, but only 20 able to cross the tunnel at that time. According to the police data, 9.92 lakh vehicles entered and exited Shimla in April 2023 alone.

One-minute Traffic Light Plan

The proposed traffic system is based on time, number, and space. Vehicles will be released every minute in the ratio of 40:20 and 30:30 seconds, meaning they will be stopped for 40 seconds and released for 20 seconds during peak hours, and halted and released for 30 seconds during normal times. The new traffic system will also have a minimum halting distance of 500 metres.

Benefits of the New System

The new system will prioritize the commute time of school children and ease workers’ rush during peak hours. It aims to make the city jam-free, giving uninterrupted access to hospitals and emergency services. A master control room will be set up to monitor traffic, and traffic police will receive special training.



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