First Indian Air Force Heritage Centre

India’s Defense Minister, Rajnath Singh, inaugurated the Indian Air Force (IAF) Heritage Centre in Chandigarh.

Key Facts About Indian Air Force Heritage Centre

  • The Indian Air Force Heritage Centre is a joint project between the Union Territory administration and the IAF, as agreed upon in a memorandum of understanding signed last year.
  • Although the UT administration will maintain the centre, the IAF has provided the weapons and equipment.
  • The centre spans 17,000 square feet in Sector 18.
  • The centre is the first of its kind and exhibits the IAF’s contributions in various wars, including the Balakot air strike and the 1965, 1971, and Kargil wars, through murals and memorabilia.
  • With eight attractions including aircraft models and weapon displays, the biggest attraction is a flight simulator.
  • The exhibits on aero engines, aircraft, kiosks, and machines/fixtures have been set up to inform the visitors about the history of the Indian Air Force.

Center for Cyber Operations and Security

Aside from the IAF Heritage Centre, Rajnath Singh also inaugurated Chandigarh Police’s Centre for Cyber Operations and Security (CenCOPS) at the Government Press building. The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest software and technology to provide real-time intelligence and investigation support to the police in combating cybercrime. The centre is part of the government’s efforts to strengthen cybersecurity in the country and will work closely with other agencies to ensure a secure cyber environment.

The Centre for Cyber Operations and Security will serve as a hub for providing training and operational support to the state police and intelligence agencies. The centre is equipped with advanced tools and technologies to detect, prevent, and investigate cybercrimes. The facility is a significant step in India’s mission to build a robust cybersecurity framework, keeping pace with the country’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.




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