Naykap Gokab

Bhutan has launched Naykap Gokab, a new online platform aimed at promoting local innovative ideas and solutions. Developed by a group of young software engineers in collaboration with the UNDP, DHI, and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment, the platform connects innovators, policymakers, and investors to create opportunities for collaboration and investment.

Purpose of Naykap Gokab

The primary objective of the Naykap Gokab platform is to promote and cultivate the innovation ecosystem in Bhutan. It provides a space for people with innovative ideas to share them and find potential investors.

Number of Registrations

Since its launch, the Naykap Gokab platform has garnered a lot of interest, with more than 80 registrations. The website’s design is intuitive and straightforward, ensuring that innovators and investors can access it without difficulty.

Future Plans

The platform’s developers are currently planning to come up with a mobile app for the website in the future to improve accessibility. Currently, the primary aim is to ensure the website’s stability to prevent any problems for users.




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