Indian States’ Energy Transition Report

The “Indian States’ Energy Transition” Report was released recently by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and EMBER. The report analysed 16 states, which make up 90% of India’s annual power requirement, and devised a scoring system called States’ Electricity Transition (SET) to measure performance. The report tracks 4 dimensions- decarbonization, the performance of the power system, the readiness of the power ecosystem and policies and political commitment.

Key Findings of the Report

According to this report, Karnataka and Gujarat are leading the way in India’s transition to clean electricity. Karnataka is the only state that scored well across all four dimensions of clean electricity transition and has proactive policies for open access, solar park development and public awareness. Meanwhile, Gujarat scored just behind Karnataka in decarbonising its electricity sector. Other states like Haryana and Punjab are also taking major steps in the electricity transition.

What did the Indian States Energy Transition Report say about Karnataka?

The state of Karnataka is performing well in the energy sector mainly because of its policies. The adoption of renewable energy started early as compared to other states. The share of renewables in the power sector is 48% and is one of the highest in the country. The state has used only 11% of its total potential.

What did the Indian States Energy Transition Report say about Rajasthan and Gujarat?

Rajasthan was in second place after Karnataka in terms of decarbonising power. As compared to the other states, Rajasthan had the largest renewable energy installed. Renewable energy contributes 29% of the total power. Gujarat is a little behind Karnataka in terms of decarbonising electricity.

What did the Indian States Energy Transition Report say about Punjab and Haryana?

These two states have been showing promising electricity transitions. Punjab has achieved implementing one-quarter of its renewable energy potential. Of all the states in the country, Haryana had very less coal-based power.

What did the Indian States Energy Transition Report say about Maharashtra?

The state of Maharashtra had the highest demand for power in the country. Also, Maharashtra is facing difficulties in shutting down its old coal-based power plants. Renewable energy adoption in the state is very slow.


The states of Punjab and Haryana have shown promising improvements in adopting towards clean and green energy. Karnataka is leading and has pushed Gujarat behind in decarbonising the energy sector.




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