India exports first contingent of plant-based meat products

The APEDA has facilitated the export of first contingent of plant-based meat products under vegan food category from Gujarat to California, US.

Key facts

  • Vegan food products are highly popular in the developed countries because of their rich fibre, high nutrient content and lesser cholesterol levels.
  • India’s first contingent of plant-based meat products were exported by Greenest Foods, an Indian company based in Gujarat.
  • This feat was achieved through the collaboration between Greenest Foods and Wholesome Foods.
  • This makes plant-based meat and vegan food products a new highly potential addition to India’s export basket.
  • Smart protein and plant-based meats have become highly popular amidst the emergence of the conscious consumerism, especially among the younger generations.
  • The largescale adoption of vegan lifestyles can promote the growth of plant-based meat products, giving India the potential to become a key supplier to the international market.
  • APEDA is currently targeting to export these products in countries such as Australia, Israel, New Zealand and others in the coming months.
  • The promotion of these products will be done without disrupting the conventional animal-based meat export market.
  • According to APEDA, India’s plant protein market is expected to reach 400 to 450 million USD in the next five years and the country has a huge potential towards providing for the demands at the national and international markets.
  • India’s popular consumer goods companies like ITC and Tata Consumer Products are investing in this industry.
  • It is expected to grow to 1 billion USD in value by the end of this decade.
  • India’s plant-based food products are very popular category in the international markets because of their ethical and value additions from food service operators and retailers.


The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is an apex government body involved in the promotion of export trade. Its objective is to make India the “supplier of choice” of agro and value added food products in the global markets. It integrates all stakeholders involved in the export trade in the country.



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