Rajasthan to rent out drones to farmers

The Rajasthan Government is to provide drones to the farmers in the state to spray fertilizers and insecticides. The drones are to be provided to low-income group farmers and on rent. Around 1500 drones will be made available to the farmers to achieve this plan. The State Government is launching this initiative to save water. Most of Rajasthan is desert and using drones will save 80% of water.

What is the plan?

  • Drones will be used to spray insecticides and fertilizers
  • They will determine the nutrient deficiencies in crops
  • They will monitor the health of the crops, and irrigation requirements.
  • Drones will also help the farmers in controlling locusts by spraying chemicals
  • They will perform pest analysis

Need for the plan

Usually, Rajasthan farmers use tractors and other conventional sprayers to apply fertilizers and insecticides to their crops. In these methods, the chemicals are mixed with water and then sprayed manually. During the process, lots of water is wasted. The drone sprayers use very less water. Also, the consumption of fertilizers and pesticides decreases with drones.

What is a Low Income Group in India?

Households with annual income between 3 lakh rupees and 6 lakh rupees are Low-Income Groups.



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