Mumbai Water Taxi

The water taxi service between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai was inaugurated by Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. The Belapur Jetty project began in January 2019 and was wrapped up in September 2021. This project, which was funded under the Sagarmala program, cost a total of Rs. 8.37 crore.


The newly inaugurated waterway will connect the water taxi service, with Belapur, Nerul, and Elephanta Islands. For the first time, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai will be linked by dependable and fast transportation services, which will help to cut travel time.

About Water Taxi

A water bus or water taxi is a type of watercraft that is used to provide private or public transportation in urban areas.  Service may be planned with multiple stops, similar to a bus, or available on-demand to many locations, similar to a taxi. The first known water taxi service began operating around the area which later became known as Manchester, England.

About Sagarmala Programme

The Indian government’s Sagarmala Program aims to improve the country’s logistics industry. The programme aims to maximize the potential of coastlines and rivers in order to reduce the amount of infrastructure needed to fulfill the logistics goal of the nation.

This programme is the Ministry of Shipping’s flagship initiative to promote development in India by utilizing the country’s 7,517-kilometer coastline, 14,500-kilometer network of navigable waterways, and the various strategic locations along vital international maritime trade routes.

This initiative proposes to improve the nation’s Ports so that shoreline development can contribute to the country’s economy. It also aims to transform the existing Ports into modern world-class facilities by integrating the development of industrial clusters and Ports with efficient evacuation systems via rail, road, coastal and inland waterways which will result in Ports generating economic activity in coastal areas.



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