Ministry of Corporate Affairs Facility for e – Adjudication

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs launched the MCA21 to speed the access to the services of the ministry. Recently, the ministry added some key features to MCA21. They are e – adjudication, compliance management, and e-consultation. Adjudication means a judgment on a dispute. E-adjudication is an online dispute-solving platform. It will reduce the number of cases going to the NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal). Also, the E – Adjudication will increase the ease of doing business.

About the E – Adjudication facility

  • The facility will try and reduce the crimes listed under the Companies Act
  • It will try and reduce the compliance burdens
  • Physical meetings have been relaxed to increase the success rate of the facility. All discussions shall be made through video conferencing

Other recent activities of MCA

  • Apart from these measures, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs will also set up a center that will speed up the processes involved in the exit of a corporate.
  • MCA21 has been linked with CBDT, PAN, and TAN
  • The number of new companies is increasing. In 2015, the number of new companies in the country was 64,300. In 2022, the number has increased to 167,000
  • The ministry of to complete the entire process of corporate revamping by March 2023



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