Power Outage in Pakistan

More than 220 million Pakistanis were affected because of a huge power outage in the country. The country usually faces fuel shortages during winter. This mishap occurred as the National Grid went down for unknown reasons. The frequency of the power transmission system plunged down causing havoc. Pakistan uses 50 HZ alternating current just like India.

Reasons for the power crisis in Pakistan

  • Unreasonable and heavy reliance on foreign countries for fuel oil and using oil for power generation
  • Availability of hydropower is reducing due to climate changes, reduced rainfall
  • Indigenous resources are depleting at a faster rate. No actions are taken for alternate fuels like solar or wind

Electricity in Pakistan

In 2022, the Economic Survey of Pakistan said that the installed electric power generation of the country is 41 GW. Total demand from industries alone is 31 GW. Power distribution stalled during transmission is 22 GW!

Steps Taken

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sherif is trying to reduce the power consumption in the country. He aims to achieve a 30% reduction. For this, his government is planning to close the markets by 8:30 PM and the restaurants by 10 PM. However, these steps are not helping to solve the power shortage issues in the country.



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