Kerala online monitoring system of medicines

Amid allegations of shortage of medicines in government hospitals in Kerala, the government will soon launch an online monitoring facility to track the availability and distribution of medicines in government medical institutions in the southern state. The facility comes after reports of shortage of medicines, even basic medicines, emerged in some government hospitals.

Key Points

  • Kerala Health Minister Veena George has announced the launch of this surveillance system to ensure the availability and distribution of medicines in hospitals.
  • This process is basically developed to balance the demand for medicines keeping in mind the need and potential growth in each hospital along with storage and distribution of medicines.
  • When all the hospitals update the data regarding the distribution of medicines on daily basis it would be possible to know the medicine stock in a hospital and the drugs can be distributed according to their shortage.
  • After that if there is deficiency of any drug by a certain percentage, it should be communicated to KMSCL so that medicines can be procured without any delay.



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