China Pakistan Economic Corridor

China and Pakistan had signed more than 50 agreements in April 2015 on various fields including agriculture, education, power generation, infrastructure projects, telecommunication etc. Out of these, around 30 agreements are related to the Economic Corridor named China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). In November 2015, this corridor has been kicked off. It would give China direct […]


Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons (TNW) Doctrine

In the run-up to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’ visit to US in October 2015, the Pakistan Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry confirmed that Pakistan has developed tactical nuclear weapons to bridge the gap for war that India had created through its cold-start doctrine. His statement has cleared the speculation about the Pakistan’s development of tactical […]

Backgrounder: Pakistan Taliban Movement

The terrorist activities have spread in the world like a cancer. Earlier these activities were mainly restricted in middle-east, but the attacks of 9/11 on America saw the leap of courage of the terrorist, which left a great impact on the world. This was a conflict between extremist Muslim group and USA. It was an […]

India and Peshawar Attack

Despite a change in mood in Pakistan after the Peshawar massacre, India cannot afford to be complacent given that the network of the various ‘Talibans’ is more united and synchronised than ever, and benefits from the differences between South Asian neighbours. There is a deep sense of anger and empathy across India about the brutality […]