First Made in India Helmet to meet Europe ECE 22.06 standard

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe set the ECE standards for helmets. The standard is being used in several countries. For the last 20 years, the ECE 22.05 standard was used. ECE 22.06 was introduced in 2020. ECE 22.06 includes a low-speed crash test, impact resistance test, and lots more. The new Ignyte IGN – 7 helmets of Steelbird has become the first helmet in India to meet the ECE 22.06 standard.

About IGN – 7

  • The helmet has a NACA airflow system. The NACA vent system was developed by the US. NACA means National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. The NACA sucks the air from the outside and keeps the user ventilated
  • It is tested for different speeds 6, 7, and 8 miles per second

ECE 22.06

  • Low-speed impact testing was the major addition in ECE 22.06. Usually, helmets protect the riders during high-speed impact. However, several studies conducted from different parts of the world say that low-speed impacts cause severe brain damage as compared to high-speed impacts.
  • The ECE 22.06 standard also includes tests for a spin-on-impact test
  • ECE 22.06 also includes tests on retention mechanism and shell sizes

In India, IS:4151 was the first helmet standard. It was released by ISI in 1993.



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