Logical Reasoning Quiz 1

1. Consider the following information about 5 friends viz. A, B, C, D and E:
1. A likes Banana and Apple
2. B & C like Apricot and Orange
3. D & E like Pineapple, Orange and Apricot
4. A & E Like Orange and Mango
Which among the following fruit / fruits is liked by all friends:
[A]Apricot & Orange
[B]Orange & Banana
[C]Only Orange
[D]Pineapple and Orange

Only Orange
In the below table, we see that Orange is only fruit, which is liked by everybody.

2. In a certain code, if CREDIT is written as IWIGKU, then SCHOOL will be written as ___?


3. Raju and Kundan play Hockey and Volleyball. Sachin and Raju play Hockey and Baseball. Gurmeet and Kundan play Cricket and Volleyball. Sachin, Gurmeet and Mukesh play football and Baseball. On the basis of this information, we can derive that:
1. Baseball is the most popular sports
2. Gurmeet plays maximum sports
3. Both Raju and Mukesh play three different sports each
Which among the above statements is / are correct?
[A]Only 1
[B]1 & 2
[C]2 & 3
[D]1, 2 & 3

1 & 2

4. A young man Premdasa is looking for a bride who should be fair, tall and rich.
1.Kusum and Suman are fair
2.Reena and Veena are rich
3.Kavita is rich and tall
4.Kusum and Veena are tall and fair
Who among the following is the bride, Premdasa is looking for?


5. An ant starts moving west to search for a food. After 3 meters it turns left and moves another 2 meters but does not find anything. Then, it turns right and moves 4 meters. Finally it turns 45° in left and moves 2 meters to find a grain. The grain is located in which among the following directions from the original starting point of ant?


6. Altaf is taller than Shahid but not as tall as Farhan. Rafiq is taller than Mohammad but not as tall as Farhan. Who among them is shortest?
[D]Can not be determined

Can not be determined
1. Farhan > Altaf > Shahid
2. Farhan > Rafiq > Mohammad
It can not be determined who is shortest

7. Ranjit ranks seventh from top and 26th from the bottom of the class. What is the number of students in class of Ranjit?


8. In a certain code, BUCKET is written as ACTVBDJLDFSU, then in the same code, BONUS will be written as __?

Each Letter of the first group is replaced by two leters — one that comes after it and one that comes before it, in the second group.

9. In a certain code, COUNSEL is written as BITIRAK, then in the same code GUIDANCE will be written as ?

The first, third. fifth and seventh Letters of the first group are each moved one step backward to obtain the corresponding letters of the second group. The
movement of other Letters is not required to find the answer.

10. In a certain code, BLOCKED is written as YOLXPVW, then in the same code OZFMXS is written as ___?

All the letters of the first group are replaced by the corresponding letters from the other end of the alphabet in the second group.