Lionel Messi bags Best FIFA Men’s Player Award

The captain of the Argentina football team Lionel Messi recently won the Best FIFA Men’s player award. It is one of the prestigious awards for sports personalities, especially for those in the football game. The award is presented by FIFA.

History of the award

Earlier he was called the FIFA World Player of the Year. Later in 2010, it was combined with Ballon d’Or and together it was called the FIFA Ballon d’Or. FIFA received 13 million pounds to add the tag of Ballon d’Or. The award was presented in this name for six years, that is, till 2016. All six years, it was Lionel Messi who won the award. Later in 2016, the Ballon d’Or tag was given up. And only the FIFA tag was attached. FIFA dropped Ballon d’Or because its relations with England Football Association were deteriorating.

Lionel Messi is an Argentine football player. Currently, he belongs to the “Paris Saint Germain” club.



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