First India Stack Developer Conference

After the COVID pandemic, India emerged as one of the pioneers in digital technologies. To develop them further, the Ministry of Electronics and IT recently conducted the India Stack Developer Conference. This is the first time India is hosting such a conference. It was held in New Delhi. The main objective of the conference was to increase the adoption of Indian digital goods within the country and also at the global level.

What is India Stack?

India stack is a moniker, meaning a name given to the API of the product. API is Application Programming Interface. When you make a money transfer online by logging into your bank account, you are using an API. The Government of India has launched several such Stacks. Some of them are UPI, Digi Locker, GSTN, Co-Win, Arogya Sethu, UMANG, m-Parivahan, and many more.


The conference will help Indian Digital Goods gain an international reputation. The conference is seen as a rehearsal for India which is to attend the World Government Summit. The summit is held in UAE. In 2023, “Stack” is the main area of focus and discussion at the summit. More than 150 countries participate in the summit and gain the maximum out of it. The summit is a major knowledge exchange hub between the private sector and the governments.



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