Inter-Ministerial Committee constituted by Government of India

On April 24, 2020, the Government of India constituted Inter-Ministerial Committee to assess violations of lock down in the states of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Telangana.


The Government of India has constituted inter-ministerial teams, 2 for Gujarat, one for each Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Maharashtra. The teams will make on-spot assessment of violations of lock down in the country.

The committees are to focus on range of issues that includes implementation of lock down measures under Disaster Management Act, 2005.

The Union Government had formed inter-ministerial committee for the same purpose six days ago. The committee formed then is to report violations in the state of Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.


The committees have been constituted under the Section 35 of Disaster Management Act, 2005. Section 35 (1) empowers the Union Government to take all measures that it feels is important.

The act empowers the Union Government to deploy military or paramilitary force in order to enforce guidelines issued under Disaster Management Act. The section empowers the arrest of state official if he or she does not cooperate with to comply with the directives.


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