Indian Army wins gold medal at Cambrian Patrol Exercise

A team from 5th Battalion-4 (5/4) Gorkha Rifles (Frontier Force) representing the Indian Army won gold medal at the prestigious Cambrian Patrol Exercise which was held in United Kingdom.

About Cambrian Patrol Exercise

  • Exercise was held from October 13th to 15th 2021 at Brecon, Wales in United Kingdom.
  • Exercise Cambrian Patrol was organised by the UK Army.
  • It considered as the ultimate test of human endurance and team spirit.
  • It is sometimes also referred as “Olympics of Military Patrolling”among militaries of the world.
  • Out of 96 participating teams, only three international patrols were awarded a gold medal this year, till the 6th phase of this Exercise.

Indian Army Team

The Indian Army team took part in the event and competed with a total of 96 teams including 17 international teams representing Special Forces and prestigious Regiments from different parts of the world.

How winner was selected?

During the exercise, teams were assessed with respect to their performance under harsh terrain and inclement cold weather conditions. These conditions presented different challenges to the teams. Teams were also exposed to complex real-world situations in order to assess their reactions in combating the settings.

Why Indian Army team won?

The Indian Army team received rich accolades from all the judges. Team was praised for their excellent navigation skills, overall physical endurance and delivery of patrol orders.

Who presented the medal?

Gold Medal was presented to the Indian Army team by General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith who is the Chief of General Staff of British Army.


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