India allowed foreign nationals to get Covid-19 vaccine through CoWIN

India allowed foreign nationals residing here to receive covid-19 vaccine by registering on the Co-Win portal on August 9, 2021.


  • Foreigners can use their passport as identity document to register themselves on CoWIN portal.
  • After registering on this portal, they will get a slot to get vaccination done.
  • This decision was taken to ensure safety from covid-19 because significant number of foreign nationals are residing in India particularly in large metropolitan areas. In such areas, risk of spread of Covid-19 is high because of higher population density.
  • Decision will ensure safety of foreign nationals residing in India and bring down the possibilities of further transfer of infection from unvaccinated persons.

National Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

National covid-19 vaccination programme is being implemented in India since January 16, 2021. It was launched in four phases. Under the current phase, it covers all citizens aged 18 years and above. Till date, India has administered more than 51 crore vaccine doses.

What is CoWIN?

CoWIN stands for Covid Vaccine Intelligence Work. It is a web portal of Indian government to register for COVID-19 vaccination. The portal displays slots of COVID-19 vaccine in nearby areas. It is a secure and trustworthy proof that has helped people to establish when, where and by whom they were vaccinated. It is a cloud-based IT solution to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate Covid-19 vaccination in India. It also allows system to monitor utilisation, wastage and coverage of Covid-19 vaccination at national, state, district as well as sub-district level. It tracks the vaccination drive in India on a real time basis and provides vaccination certificates in digital format. It is an extension of eVIN (Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network).


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