Government Trends Report

The world has seen a significant change in the way governments deliver solutions to the common citizen in a post-COVID world. The Deloitte Center for Government Insights’ report titled ‘Government Trends’ highlights the nine trends that are reshaping this landscape. The report goes into great depth on the paradigm shifts driving these changes.

Dissolving Boundaries: The Unifying Theme

The COVID-19 pandemic was the major catalyst in boosting collaboration between governments and agencies across various sectors. The unifying theme of the 2023 Government Trends report is ‘dissolving boundaries.’ The pandemic flipped orthodoxies on where and how we work, and these trends have continued. Governments are working actively to eliminate obstacles in key areas such as data-sharing, tackling funding crises, tailoring public services by pooling resources, and using innovative back-office operations.

Cross-Cutting Trends

Out of the nine trends, five are cross-cutting. Governments are aiming to tailor public services to the needs of citizens by pooling resources and using innovative back-office operations. The report states that there has been an attempt to get rid of bureaucracy, which often hampers the hiring of the talented workforce in governmental departments.

Future-Ready Workforce

Flexible models like internal talent marketplaces, gig work, and on-demand talent are embraced to achieve a future-ready workforce. Traditional public talent models are being replaced by leaders to attract and retain talent and ensure that public services are delivered efficiently.

Shared Funding and Collaboration

Governments come under criticism for being opaque with the funding of projects. However, post-pandemic, there has been a decisive change. Currently, more and more governments are shifting towards shared funding to incentivize collaboration between agencies. This approach promotes transparency, collaboration, and accountability.

Domain-Focused Trends

The remaining four trends have been encapsulated under domain-focused trends. Governments are actively working towards restructuring complex, multilayered healthcare systems to deliver integrated patient-centered whole health. The aim of regulation that enables innovation is to encourage innovation. End-to-end justice ensures security by the network.



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