6th Edition of Exercise SCO Peaceful Mission 2021

The Indian military contingent consisting of an all arms combined force of 200 personnel, including 38 personnel from the Indian Air Force, is taking part in the Exercise PEACEFUL MISSION -2021. This exercise is being held in the Orenburg Region of South West Russia from September 13 to 25, 2021.

SCO Peaceful Mission 2021

  • SCO Peaceful Mission is a Multilateral & Joint Counter Terrorism Exercise.
  • The exercise is conducted biennially under the “military diplomacy” between the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) member states.

6th edition of Exercise Peaceful Mission

6th edition of the Exercise Peaceful Mission is being hosted by Russia, with the aim of fostering close relations between SCO member states. The exercise also seeks to enhance abilities of the military leaders for commanding the multi-national military contingents.

Indian Contingent

Indian contingent was inducted to exercise area by two IL-76 aircrafts. Before their departure, contingent underwent training and preparation under the aegis of South Western Command.

Significance of the exercise

This exercise will enable the sharing of best practices between the Armed Forces of SCO nations. It will also provide an opportunity to all the Armed Forces to train in Counter-Terrorism Operations in urban scenario and a multinational & joint environment.  Key scope of the exercise comprises of professional interaction, mutual understanding of drills & procedures, elimination of terrorist threats, and establishment of joint command & control structures. It is a landmark event of military interactions and global cooperation against the counter-terrorism.


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