BRICS seminar on Misuse of Internet by Terrorists

The National Investigation Agency recently organised a two-day virtual event with BRICS countries on “Misuse of Internet by terrorists”. India hosted the seminar as it is holding the BRICS chair for the year 2021.

About the Seminar

The seminar was held on emerging technologies and artificial intelligence, dark web and anonymisers, exploitation of social media as an arsenal, crypto currency and virtual assets, equipping law enforcement agencies.

Internet Radicalisation

Use of internet by the terrorists for terror financing and for radicalisation is generally referred to as Internet radicalisation. Radicalisation is Changing something. The terrorist use internet to spread use of violence against a religious, political or ideological cause. It might contain images, videos, speeches that encourage violence or hatred. This mainly affects the youth who are vulnerable in becoming radicalised.

India and Internet Radicalisation

Many youths in the western coast of India are reported in becoming victims of Internet radicalisation. The growth of internet in India is now close to 500 million and is still growing. This shows the scale of challenge in bringing Internet radicalisation under control.

Plans to contain misuse of internet by terrorists

  • The responses to this form of terrorism should be similar across different cultures and geographies. This why BRICS seminar is being held.
  • The data centres and internet resources should be redundant to mitigate impacts of major terror attacks.
  • The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism was formed by Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook and YouTube. More such platforms should be brought to contain internet terrorism.
  • The United Nations has reaffirmed to prevent internet from being misused by terrorists. The other international organisations should also come forward in taking similar actions.


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