EX-DUSTLIK Military Exercise

EX- DUSTLIK’s is a joint training exercise that is conducted between the armies of India and Uzbekistan. The 3rd edition of this exercise is being conducted at Yangiarik, Uzbekistan from 22nd to 31st March 2022.


  • Ex-DUSTLIK’s last edition was conducted in March 2021 in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand.
  • To take part in this exercise, the Indian contingent is being represented by a platoon strength of Grenadiers Regiment.
  • The Indian regiment will be joined by a contingent of the Uzbekistan Army which is being represented by North Western Military District troops.
  • The Grenadiers battalion that will represent India at this exercise is one of the Indian Army’s highly decorated battalions.
  • This battalion has a distinction of participating in most Pre and Post-Independence Operations of the Indian army.

The focus of this exercise

This joint exercise between the two armies will focus on Counter-Terrorism operations conducted in semi-urban terrain under a mandate of the United Nations.

Aim of the exercise

This exercise’s training schedule will aim at learning the best practices from each other and sharing drills at a tactical level. The exercise will also aim to boost the cooperation, understanding, and interoperability between the armies of both nations.

This exercise will finish with a validation exercise of 24-hours which will be a testbed for the armies of both nations as they will be undergoing simulated operations-related challenges.



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