India to submit National vaccination plan and targets to WHO

India is set to submit its covid-19 vaccination plan and targets to the World Health Organization (WHO).


  • India will submit an updated national vaccination trajectory and plans that defines the dose requirements for guiding investment.
  • Guiding investments are required to manufacture the vaccines and their distribution by the government.
  • Financial and programme resource details will be shared with WHO, under WHO’s “Strategy to Achieve Global Covid-19 Vaccination by mid-2022”. This strategy was launched by WHO in October 2021.

India’s target

Indian government had earlier highlighted that its entire adult population will be vaccinated by December 2021. On the other hand, WHO has called for countries to meet its targets of vaccinating 40% of their population by the end of 2021 and 70% by mid-2022.

India’s progress in vaccination

India’s progress in achieving the target of vaccinate total population is going on at full pace and manufacturers of covid-19 vaccines in India are meeting the demand. India is working with the strategy for full coverage of all Indians.

WHO’s target

As per WHO’s target, countries were required to vaccinate 10% of the population by September 2021. However, 56 countries (majority in Africa & West Asia) were unable to meet this target. Thus, WHO has called the countries to revise their national vaccination strategies, policies and maximize the impact of existing, modified as well as new vaccines. Vaccinating 70% of the worldwide population requires around 11 billion vaccine doses. But, by the end of September, about 6 billion doses had been administered across the world.


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