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Global Tuberculosis Report, 2020 of WHO

The World Health Organization recently released the Global Tuberculosis Report, 2020. The report says that COVID-19 could push Tuberculosis related deaths in the world to eight years back. In other words, it might increase the TB deaths by 0.2 to 0.4 million. Highlights India registered a decline in notification of Tuberculosis cases by 85% in ..

United Nations Still Birth Report

The United Nations recently launched a report on stillbirths titled “A Neglected Tragedy: The Global Burden of Stillbirths”. The report was created by UNICEF, World Health Organisation, World Bank and the United Nations department of economic and social affairs. The report says that a stillborn baby is delivered every 16 seconds.  84 percentage of these ..

Covid-19 infections will hit 20 million this week:WHO

The World Health Organization has estimated that the total number of infected patients of the deadly COVID 19 disease will hit the 20 million mark within this week and that includes around 7.5 lakh deaths, so far, due to this pandemic. The WHO Director-General has also stated that there would be green shoots also very ..

Pathogens named as critical by WHO found in Yamuna: Study

A team of researchers from the IIT Delhi has found some pathogens that are actually critical in nature, in the Yamuna River. The team reached this conclusion after studying 20 major sewer drains and Yamuna River at five locations across New Delhi. What has been found? The team has found faecal coliform in abundance in ..

WHO is in talks with countries to join its COVAX Facility

The World Health Organization is renewing its invitation to countries to join its COVID 19 Vaccine facility, a mechanism designed to guarantee rapid, fair and equitable access to the COVID 19 vaccines. The facility, named as COVAS facility, is meant to provide affordable access to vaccines to all the people in the world. What is ..