WHO-UNICEF Report on Progress on WASH in health care facilities

Recently WHO and UNICEF released a report titled “Progress on Wash in Health Care Facilities 2000-2021”.

Key Points

  • According to this report, while the world is battling the threat of diseases like the Covid-19 epidemic and monkeypox, on the other hand 51 percent of the world’s health centers are providing basic facilities. There is no facility like water, soap, sanitizer.
  • According to this report, 385 crore people are dependent on health centers due to lack of basic facilities, where there are no facilities like water, soap, sanitizer, while 688 crore people are dependent on such health centers where there is no cleanliness and hygiene. There is no connected infrastructure available.
  • Talking about the availability of water, about 170 million people in the world are still dependent on water scarce health facilities. At the same time, out of these, 857 crore people are such, who are not used at all in health centers.
  • The situation is worst in sub-Saharan Africa, where only 52 percent have access to health facilities, compared to 90 percent in East and Southeast Asia. On the other hand, if we talk about the most backward countries, then this figure is only 47 percent.


UNICEF is also known as “United Nations Children’s Fund”. It is a United Nations agency, which is responsible to provide humanitarian and developmental aid to children across the world. It is among the most widespread and recognizable social welfare organizations of the world. It is present in 192 countries and territories.

Activities of UNICEF

Main activities of UNICEF include:

  1. To provide immunizations and disease prevention
  2. To administer treatment for children and mothers with HIV
  3. To enhance childhood and maternal nutrition
  4. To improve sanitation, promote education, and provide emergency relief in response to disasters.



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