Hybrid Terrorists

Hybrid terrorists are those people brought in by the terrorist groups only to carry out one or two missions. They basically assist the terrorist groups. For instance, shopkeepers allowing terrorists to store their arms, passing information, etc are hybrid terrorists. They are like temporary or contract labours. They are not a part of the terrorist group. However, are trained to execute a specific work.

Hybrid terrorists in India

Hybrid terrorists are increasing in Jammu and Kashmir. The terrorist groups are targeting political workers, civilians and people from minority communities to convert them into hybrid terrorist.  These hybrid terrorists are radicalised by the terrorist groups. They are then kept on standby mode. They are launched during the right time to carry out the terror incident. Also, the targets are selected very carefully. The selection is not random but planned. Mostly the weak and the needy are targeted. The hybrid terrorists are also trained to kill or paid to kill a target.


The first and foremost challenge faced by the security forces is identification. It is highly difficult to trace the location or whereabouts of the hybrid terrorists. Also, it is difficult to stop them or arrest them or neutralise them through encounters. Cyber patrol and technical gadgets are the only two ways to identify hybrid terrorists.

Narco Terror and hybrid terrorists

The narco terror is the narcotics terrorism. That is, money earned from narcotics is used for unlawful activities. Narco terror uses this money to buy arms and ammunitions through drug trafficking. Also, the terrorists use the money earned from drug trafficking to pay the hybrid terrorists.

Future threats

Around three hundred trained hybrid terrorists are awaiting the launch pads to infiltrate into the Kashmir valley. They are tasked with different terror activities. According to military officials, they are planning to enter through Kupwara and Gurez sector.



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