Open Data Week

The Open Data Week was launched by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The week is celebrated between January 17, 2022 and January 21, 2022.  It encourages promoting innovation in the urban ecosystem of the country.

About Open Data Week

During the celebration of the week, the ministry of housing and urban affairs will publish high quality blogs and data sets about smart cities. The data are to be published in an open data portal. The portal already has success stories of more than sixty cities. This is currently being tested and is available for access only to experts.

What is the plan?

The Open data Week will show the benefits of open data such as innovation, transparency and efficiency. The week is divided into segments. During the first segment, the ministry will upload APIs, dataset visualization and data blogs on the smart city open data portal. This is to be done between 17th January and 20th January. During the second phase, Data Day is to be celebrated.

Data day

The Data Day celebration is a part of the Open Data Week celebration. It is to be celebrated on 21st January 2022. The Data Day celebrations will include seminars, talks, hackathons and trainings on different data tracks.


The main purpose to celebrate the week is to promote the significance of data in the current digital world. It will create a platform to create opportunities that promote data use. The event will spread the awareness of data. It will create new combinations of data leading to new insights and knowledge.


It improves the policy strategies. It helps the Government to create new plans. One city can learn from the experience of the other. It allows better public accountability. It provides better insight about the implementation of ongoing programmes.



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