GK & Current Affairs: January 8, 9, 2015

1. Recently, Indian Immunological Limited (IIL) has launched the “Raksha Blue” India’s first vaccine for ____?
[A]Swine Flu
[B]Blue Tongue

Blue Tongue
Raksha Blue is India’s first vaccine for blue tongue disease prevalent among flocks of goats and sheep across the country.

2. The 2016 UEFA European Championship or Euro 2016 for men’s national football teams will be hosted by which country?

France will host the 2016 UEFA Championship for men’s national football teams. It is scheduled to be held from 10 June to 10 July 2016.

3. Recently, which among the following countries has announced “Great Collaborations” programme to forge collaboration with Indian companies?

Great Collaboration is a campaign launched by United Kingdom to seek better cooperation between the companies based in India and the UK on a range of sectors. The campaign will over the time showcase and promote areas collaboration that benefit both countries across a range of sectors such as energy, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, financial service and infrastructure.

4. The Charlie Hebdo, which is in news now a day, is a satirical newspaper from which country?

Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical weekly newspaper. The magazine has been in news when masked gunmen attacked Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris. The attacker murdered 12 people and wounded others, in France’s worst terrorist attack for half a century.

5. The Pampas are a grassland biome in ____?
[B]South America
[C]North America

South America
The Pampas are a grassland biome in South America. They are flat, fertile plains that covers an area of 300,000 sq.miles. It found primarily in Argentina and extended to Uruguay.

6. Recently, World Congress on International Law was held in ___?
[A]New Delhi

New Delhi
World Congress on International Law was held in New Delhi from January 9-11. It was organised by Indian Society of International Law.

7. In which of the following cities, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Dandi Kutir, a museum on the life and works of Mahatma Gandhi?
[A]Gandhinagar, Gujarat
[B]Porabandar, Rajasthan
[C]Mumbai, Maharashtra
[D]New Delhi

Gandhinagar, Gujarat

8. Recently, Ranil Wickeramasinghe was sworn in as new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. He is the ___ Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Fill the blank with correct option?

Ranil Wickeramasinghe is the tenth Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. He was the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka thrice, from 7 May 1993 to 19 August 1994, from 9 December 2001 to 6 April 2004.

9. The Living Planet Report, a science based analysis on the health of our only planet is published by ____?
[A]World Wide Fund for Nature
[B]World Economic Forum
[C]World Trade Organisation
[D]World Heritage Conservation

World Wide Fund for Nature
The Living Planet Report is published by World Wide Fund for Nature in every two year. The report is based on the Living Planet and ecological footprint calculations.

10. As per RBI guidelines, banks can allow minors above ___ years to independently open and operate saving banks accounts. Fill the blanks with correct option?

Children older than 10 years can now open and operate saving bank accounts. RBI also allowed banks to offer additional facilities like internet banking, ATM, debit card and chequebook to minor.

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