Five to Seven Countries Sign Up for adopting India Stack

India Stack is the collection of Application Peripheral Interfaces launched by the Government of India. This includes BHIM, Digilocker, UPI, and several other applications. According to a recent report from the IT Ministry around seven countries are to join India Stack. Meaning they will sign agreements with the Indian Government to use these applications. India is to announce the names of these countries at the World Government Summit that is to be held in Dubai in February.

About India Stack

India is planning to export its digital products. Today the digital infrastructure market has huge potential. Several APIs of the Indian Government such as BHIM, Co-WIN, and Aadhar has been a huge success. Recently, the GOI launched the U-WIN platform based on the success of the Co-WIN. BHIM is being used in Bhutan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Japan. Nepal was the first to implement UPI.

Future Plans

The government of India is currently looking for certified Stack Developers. The plan is to hire them just as the big giants like Microsoft and Google hire certified analysts. The Stack developers will be integrated into the system and will help GoI in taking them to other countries.

India Stack Developer Conference

India recently hosted a conference to increase the adoption of its digital goods on foreign soil. The countries signing up for the stack are those that attended the conference.




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