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Microsoft India and NASSCOM Foundation to launch ‘Innovate for Accessible India’ campaign

Microsoft India and NASSCOM Foundation partnered to launch the ‘Innovate for Accessible India’ campaign. The campaign aims at empowering people with disabilities with the technology required for better access to equal opportunities. The campaign invites applications from students, citizens and social organisations to build customised solutions that address challenges faced by people with disabilities. The ..

JEDI Contract

The United Nations Department of Defence is reconsidering its decision to award the 10 billion USD contract to Microsoft. About the Project The JEDI or Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure project is to be the US defence department’s first war cloud. It is a 10 billion USD project that will extend over 10 years and will ..

Microsoft Bing team launches portal to track COVID-19 infections

Microsoft Bing team has launched a web portal for tracking COVID-19 infections worldwide. The interactive website has been developed to provide up-to-date infection statistics for each country. It also features an interactive map for number of cases for specific location and related articles from publishers. The portal hosts the data from reliable sources like the ..

Bill Gates steps down from the boards of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway

The co-founder of Microsoft and the world’s second richest person Bill Gates has stepped down from the boards of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway. Bill Gates recently announced that he steps down from the public boards to focus on the philanthropic work of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation run by him and his wife Melinda Gates. ..

Microsoft leads efforts to disrupt Necurs botnet

The Necurs is a botnet and is one of the largest networks in the spam-mail threat system. It has infected more than nine million computers worldwide. Botnet means a computer network which is infected with malware, through which cyber criminals gain access to computers. It was seen in news recently as Microsoft and its partners ..

“Microsoft Future Decoded – CEO Summit” held in Mumbai

Technology- Major Microsoft hosted its “Microsoft Future Decoded – CEO Summit” in Mumbai on February 24. The summit was attended by leaders of different fields. The gathering was addressed by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, during his three-day visit to India. Nadella also attended the ‘Microsoft Future Decoded – Tech Summit’ held at Bengaluru on February ..

Microsoft to launch India Development Centre in Noida

Microsoft recently announced that the company is set to launch its third premier engineering and innovation hub- India Development Centre (IDC) in Noida. The Technological Company has already launched two IDCs in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. The Centre is expected to generate opportunities to thousands of Engineers in several fields including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud ..

Alphabet hits USD 1 Trillion Mark

The parent company of Google and its several subsidiaries, American multinational conglomerate- Alphabet Inc. has crossed the market valuation of USD 1 trillion mark on Thursday, 16th January 2020 as the shares of the company closed at USD 1,451.70 making Alphabet the fourth company from the United States to cross the valuation after Apple (first ..