Google introduces Chat-GPT rival Bard

Microsoft launched Chat-GPT in November 2022. Technologists believe that Chat GPT is well advanced and might kill Google’s business. In just five days, the number of ChatGPT users increased to one million. To counter the chat GPT, Google recently launched “BARD”. Working of the BARD is very much similar to Chat GPT, the conversational style. The Chinese search engine company BAIDU is also developing products very much similar to Chat GPT.

Google counters Microsoft with BARD

The popularity of Chat GPT is increasing tremendously. The AI tool is bringing in a new evolution in how netizens search for information.

About BARD

It is a conversational search engine. Its working is similar to that of Chat GPT. It was designed and created by Google two years ago. However, Google is launching now as a countermeasure to Microsoft.

What is the controversy around BARD?

BARD was built based on LaMDA. LaMDA stands for Language Models for dialogue applications. LaMDA could mimic voices and converse with humans. Mimicking features in the software may cause trouble to public figures and artists. For this reason, Google Engineer Blake Lemoine urged Google that the software may bring in trouble. He also released documents where he mentions the potential problems caused by LaMDA. Unfortunately, he was put on paid leave and then fired. A few days after this controversy, comes up Chat GPT worked on the same principle as that of LaMDA. Now BARD which was recently released also works on LaMDA.




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