Microsoft AI Innovate Program

Technology giant, Microsoft, has launched a programme called “AI Innovate Programme”, to nurture and scale start-ups.

Key Points

  • The programme was launched in its efforts of supporting the start-up ecosystem in India.
  • Programme will support those start-ups that are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI).

About Microsoft AI Innovate

  • It is a 10-week initiative to support and help start-ups in India in driving innovations, scaling operations, and building industry expertise.
  • To participate in the initiative, both B2B and B2C start-ups coming from diverse industries such as healthcare, financial services, education, space, agriculture, retail, manufacturing & logistics and e-commerce are invited.
  • It is supported by TiE Mumbai.
  • Launch cohort of the initiative will kickstart in November 2021.

Why this initiative was launched?

This initiative was launched because, AI has become the heart of digital transformation. Microsoft has invested helped several organizations in transform through AI. These start-ups are the future signal generators for all while AI & ML (machine learning) technologies can help in creating disruptive model. The programme seeks to help every start-up in every industry involved in meaningful innovation into actionable results.

Start-up ecosystem in India

India accounts for third-largest ecosystem for start-ups across the world. Thus, it holds opportunities for emerging businesses for accelerating innovation across industries. Adoption of AI will help in adding more than $90 billion to Indian economy by 2025.

Focus of the programme

  • Under the new initiative, Microsoft will focus on providing tech & business opportunities to start-ups in order to help them in improving their solutions, making AI accessible to everyone and transforming their organisations.
  • Programme will also help the start-ups in reaching out to new customers and geographies with the help of sales & partner networks of Microsoft.


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