AVGC Task Force’s Recommendations

The Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comic (AVGC) Task Force has provided recommendations for the growth and promotion of the AVGC sector.

About the AVGC Task Force

  • The AVGC Task Force was set up under the chairmanship of the Secretary of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to help realize the full potential of India’s AVGC sector by identifying interventions for boosting the domestic capacity that can serve the local and global markets.
  • It had key stakeholders from the industry and the government, including members from state governments of Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra.
  • Four sub-task forces were set up for developing strategies to promote growth through targeted interventions in their respective areas:
  1. Industry and Policy
  2. Education
  3. Skilling
  4. Gaming
  • The recommendations of these four task forces were the basis for the consolidated report of the AVGC Task Force.

What are the key recommendations of the AVGC Task Force?

The recommendations of the AVGC Force are broadly classified into four categories:

Domestic Industry Development for Global Access

  • An integrated promotion and growth of the AVGC sector can be ensured through a National AVGC-XR mission with a budget outlay.
  • Exclusive focus should be given for content creation in India, for India and for the world, through the launch of a “Create in India” campaign.
  • An International AVGC Platform and a Gaming Expo can be set up to make India a global hub for AVGC, with specific focus on FDI, co-production treaty and innovation
  • Set up a National Centre of Excellence (COE) for the AVGC sector for the skill development, education, industrial development, research and innovation. Regional COEs can be set up in collaboration with the state government to provide access local industries and promote local talents and content.

Realizing Demographic Dividend by Developing Talent Ecosystem

  • The NEP can be leveraged to develop creative thinking. A dedicated AVGC course content can be launched at the school level to build foundational skills and promote awareness about AVGC as a career choice.
  • AVGC-focused UG and PG courses with standard curriculum and globally recognized degrees can be launched.
  • Standardization of admission tests for AVGC-related courses.
  • Skill initiatives for AVGC sector can be augmented under the Media and Entertainment Skills Development Training (MESC) for increasing skilled professionals in the industry.
  • Increasing participation of students from non-metro cities and northeastern states to boost employment opportunities in the industry.
  • AVGC Accelerators and Innovation hubs can be set up on the lines of Atal Tinkering Labs.

Enhancing the Technological and Financial Viability

  • Promote subscription-based pricing models for MSMEs, startups and institutions to democratize AVGC technologies.
  • Promoting the indigenous development of AVGC technologies through incentive schemes targeting research and development and IP creation. PLI schemes targeting AVGC hardware manufacturers can also be launched.
  • Enhance ease of doing business in AVGC sector through tax benefits, import duties, curbing of piracy etc.
  • The Start-Up India initiative can be leveraged to provide technical, financial and market access assistance to AVGC entrepreneurs to promote the culture of R&D and IP creation.

Boosting India’s Soft Power through an Inclusive Growth

  • A dedicated production fund can be launched to support domestic content creation that focuses on spreading Indian culture and heritage across the world.
  • Promote inclusive development by delivering targeted skill development and outreach for youth in tier 2 and 3 towns and villages in India.
  • Provide special incentives for women entrepreneurs in AVGC sector
  • Promote local children’s channels for raising awareness among children about the rich culture and heritage of India among children and youth.
  • Establish a framework for the safeguarding children’s rights in the digital world.



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