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Shincheonji Church Case

South Korea has recorded one of the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world. The focus is on the role of a cult in Daegu, accused of spreading the virus. COVID-19 Case in South Korea South Korea has recorded the 3rd highest number of COVID-19 cases outside China. This is after Italy and Iran. ..

South Korean film Parasite wins four Oscars

The South Korean film Parasite created history at the 2020 Oscars, by being the first film not in the English language to win the coveted award. It won a total of four Oscars, including best picture, best director, best screenplay and best international feature. This is also the first film to have won both international ..

Roh Tae-moon appointed as Smartphone CEO of Samsung

South-Korea based leading Multinational Electronics Company, Samsung Electronics recently appointed Roh Tae-moon as the new head of its smartphone division amid the shakeup of the executives in the company in which the 52-year old, Samsung’s youngest President, Roh, who has been working with Samsung since 1997 and has led the engineering and designing of the ..

Uber and Hyundai Motor Collaborated

To develop Electric Air Taxis, US ride-hailing company Uber Technologies Incorporated and South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor has collaborated, which will focus on making small self-flying cars that will help in reducing urban congestion and designed to carry up to four passengers along with a pilot and fly on trips of up to 60 miles ..

What is the Incredible India Road Show?

Incredible India Road Show is an initiative by the Ministry of Tourism for promoting the tourism sector of India worldwide by organizing roadshows that showcase India’s ancient culture and rich heritage. This promotes and helps in positioning India as a preferred tourism destination for foreign tourists. Incredible India Road Show has been conducted in various ..

India ranked 12th in Global Diplomacy Index 2019

Global Diplomacy Index 2019 by the Sydney-based Lowy Institute covers 61 countries, 724 cities and 7316 Diplomatic Posts based on there expanding diplomatic relations and network around the world. A total of 4846 Embassies/High Commissions, 1886 Consulates/Consulates General, 373 UN permanent Mission, and 211 other representations were covered by the Index. Detailed Analysis of India’s ..

South Korea conducts 2-day drill exercise to practise defending disputed islands off its east coast against an unlikely attack from Japan

South Korea has recently conducted 2-day drill exercise to practise defending disputed islands off its east coast against an unlikely attack from Japan. The annual drills come just days after Seoul terminated a military intelligence-sharing pact with Tokyo. The exercise will involve warships and aircraft. The drill — re-named “East Sea territory defence training” — ..

Dokdo Islands

A small set of rocky islands which are otherwise ordinary have off late acquired significant attention in the media. These islands are referred by South Korea (which has for decades administered the disputed islets) calls it Dokdo while Japan which also claims them, calls it the Takeshima island. They are also referred to as the ..