What is Kill Web?

The South Korean military has introduced a concept known as the “Kill Web” in response to the escalating nuclear threat from North Korea. This concept is a key part of Military Innovations 4.0, which seeks to utilize the latest AI technologies to ensure the country’s army can win a war with minimal casualties in the shortest possible time.

What is Kill Web?

It is a multi-layered system that uses advanced warfare techniques such as cyber operations and electronic warfare.

What is the main objective of Kill Web?

The “Kill Web” strategy was announced by the South Korean Ministry in early March. It aims to counter Pyongyang’s advancing nuclear and missile capabilities even before they are launched, by employing a multilayered integrated system that incorporates cyber operations, electronic warfare, and other tactics. Currently, the nation uses the Kill Chain mechanism, under its Three Axis System. Unlike the Kill Web, the Kill Chain uses a single path and is less flexible.

How will the Kill Web work?

It will collect information using sensors, process them and aid the military to speed up or slow down the war. The sensors will help to learn about the weapons used by the enemies and also about their space manipulation.

What are the phases in Kill Web working?

Phase 1: To identify the area where the sensors should be placed. Weapon systems will be moved based on the location of the sensors

Phase 2: Track the signals in the network of areas created by the sensors. Information from the sensor is sent to the shooters. This is called “sensor fusion”.

Phase 3: This is the firing phase. Now that the target has been located, the shooter will fire against the enemy. The current problem is the time taken by the weapons to reach the enemy target. Sometimes, it even misses. But with “Kill Web”, accurate tracking of the enemy becomes easy. And therefore, there are minimal chances of miss and also the speed of the hit increases.

Phase 4: This is the finishing phase. Just because the enemy is hit, it does not mean he or his area has been destroyed. Confirmation is important.




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