CBIP Award 2022

CBIP Award 2022 was conferred recently to NTPC Limited for the ‘Outstanding Contribution in Power Generation’. The award recognizes the role of Vindhyachal Super Thermal Power Station – the largest power station in India – in efficiency and high-level power generation.

When was the CBIP Award presented?

The award was conferred on the occasion of the CBIP Day, to individuals and institutions in recognition of their outstanding contributions in the fields of water, power and renewable energy development. The Central Board of Irrigation and Power is an Indian government institute set up in 1927. It provides services related to the fields of power, water resources and renewable energy sectors.

What is CBIP?

CBIP is the Central Board of Irrigation and Power. It was established in 1927. It works in the areas of renewable energy, power, and water resources. It monitors research projects. Some of the research projects monitored by CBIP are Research Scheme on Plasticulture Development, Research Scheme on Flood Control, and Research Scheme Applied to River Valley Projects. Apart from this, CBIP also publishes international journals. The most popular CBIP journal is the Water and Energy International Journal.

Why was NTPC awarded?

In recent years, the performance of the company has shot up tremendously. The company is the leading power generator in India. In February 2023, the S&P ranked NTPC as the world’s Number 1 power producer. The company contributes 25% of the total power generated in the country. The company was awarded for the following reasons:


The company is growing fast mainly because of its diversification. NTPC has diversified its growth through clean and green sources such as hydro, solar, and wind. It also has gas exploration and coal mining projects.

Turnaround Capacity

NTPC takes control of the underperforming power stations in the country and converts them into profit-making assets. For instance, after the NTPC undertaking, the Unchchar Power Station is running successfully and is now generating 420 MW of power. The Talcher power station is generating 460 MW of power. And the Tanda Power station is generating 440 MW of power. These three power stations were running at loss. They started showing improvements after NTPC took control.




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