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Uttar Pradesh Power Distribution Network Rehabilitation Project: Key Facts

The ADB-funded Uttar Pradesh Power Distribution Network Rehabilitation Project is aimed at improving the quality and reliability of electricity supply in Uttar Pradesh. The project involves conversion of 65,000 km of rural low-voltage distribution lines from bare conductors to aerial bundle conductors and construction of a parallel network of 11-kilovolt feeders to separate the distribution ..




Central Electricity Authority proposed Universal Feeder Code

The Central Electricity Authority/ CEA has proposed the implementation of a standardised Universal Feeder Code. A feeder is a power line that is used to transmit the electricity generated at the generating station to the sub-station. The electricity is then distributed to the consumers. The Indian states each use a different feeder code ranging from ..


Neeraj Sharma wins Australian government’s ‘Early career researcher of year 2019’ award

Indian-origin researcher, Dr Neeraj Sharma has won the Australian government’s  ‘Early Career Researcher of the Year (Physical Sciences)’ for developing next-generation battery systems such as sodium-ion battery that will leave minimal environmental impact. The awarded research explores inherently safe solid-state batteries, energy-dense lithium-sulfur batteries, dual function solar batteries and methods for recycling. DR. Sharma is ..


Venezuela declares holiday : A new Black out

On Tuesday, the Venezuelan Government declared a holiday due to shotage of electric power. Carcas and other cities were without power that disturbed public transport, water supplies, etc. The holiday was declared following a threat to the electric power generations and electric grids. Similar black out was faced early this MArch, when the production in ..


National Power Portal

National Power Portal was launched by Union ministry for Power and New & Renewable Energy as a Centralized Platform for Collation and Dissemination of Indian power sector information. Developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) Nodal agency for implementation and operational control of NPP – Central Electricity Authority (CEA) NPP is integrated with associated systems of Central ..