Central Electricity Authority proposed Universal Feeder Code

The Central Electricity Authority/ CEA has proposed the implementation of a standardised Universal Feeder Code. A feeder is a power line that is used to transmit the electricity generated at the generating station to the sub-station. The electricity is then distributed to the consumers. The Indian states each use a different feeder code ranging from the 4 character alpha numeric code of Mangalore to the BYLP’s 16 character code. These codes function like how vehicle license plate numbers help identify the registration location. But without a standardised code, the collection of data and optimisation of the distribution network is difficult. After the government efforts to improve the power generation and transmission aspects of the Indian power grid, the centre looks to improve the distribution side using a standard feeder code. The CEA has proposed a standard 14 character alpha numeric code to help identify the feeder line and its power supply attributes. This will help in addressing the issues of power theft, leakages, AT&C losses, etc.

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