USA’s House of Representatives passed the bill against Uighur camps in China

USA’s lower House of the Parliament, the House of Representatives, passed the Uighur Act of 2019. It is considered as a stronger version of the bill passed earlier in September in the upper house, Senate. The act urges the US president to take a stand against the ‘re-education camps’ established by Chinese state in western Xinjiang province. These camps are intended to ‘weed out’ ‘religious extremism and terrorism’ from the country according to the Chinese government. The US government accuses these Chinese officials of human rights violations like beating, forced sterilisation, mass surveillance, solitary confinement, etc. The act will see the US government imposing sanctions against Chinese officials linked to these camps and also restrict export to the Xinjiang region of commodities including the facial recognition technology. The move comes after the recent passing of the bill in favour of Hong Kong protesters.

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